Inspired by the individual, designed for the original. Made in Pittsburgh, PA.

VERSUS his + her apparel is a Pittsburgh graphic art, design, and apparel company with a retro indie artistic approach.

Confused? Try this on: VS uses classical styles and looks in modern designs.

Still lost? That's because we honestly didn't start VS to make sense on paper. We actually kinda just winged it at first. Go figure.

Since we started back in 2012, we've taken expressive and iconic cultural imagery to create it our own unique language.

Inspired by those who define their own style, those who break the mold, we celebrate the classic while still designing for tomorrow.

We are an independent, in-home manufacturer, distributor, and retailer. We've always been a small team of amazingly talented individuals, but that just goes to show you how much we love what we do.

Still, wanna know more? Really? Cool, check out our whole story here:

It's all that.